Stage 1

Every Solar Power Project is unique to our company, as well as our customers.  We'd like to sit down and have a Face to Face with our customers to discuss all the details involved and find the best solutions to fit their specific needs.

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Stage 2

After our consultation, we will move forward to the designing and permitting process for your solar system to be installed on your roof.  The design will include components of the solar system, along with where the solar system will be installed.

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Stage 3

We begin your solar system installation during this stage. You should be enjoying your solar system very soon!  We know you are eager to flip the switch for your solar system to start generating power.  However, we ask that you allow us or our contractors to complete all the installations and inspections before you do so.

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Jesse Escalente is the proud owner of Champions Solar.  He truly believes that customers can become electricity independent by having solar systems installed.  He believes Champions Solar will be the best company for customers to contact for all their solar services because Jesse likes to be hands on with everyone of his customers.  He understands that customers are the ones who make his company successful.  He put himself in his customers positions when he makes decisions.  Furthermore, he work closely with licensed contractors to get your solar system installed and he also work with licensed engineers to obtain permits from your local government.

Before moving to the solar industry, Jesse was an energy broker for many years where he has brokered multi-million dollar worth of electricity contracts for Retail Electric Providers.


  1. Zero down payment!
  2. 100 % financing
  3. 30 % federal credit
  4. Become energy independent


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Next Steps...

Please give us a call for a quick consultation while our prices for solar panels are still low.  Or if you prefer email, our email is